Best mom ever

Me (in panic to my 10-yr old son): ‘OMG, I completely forgot to subscribe you to the tennis camp starting next week!!! How could I not remember when you wanted to go so much??’
He (10): ‘It is very simple – it just shows how much you love me, your little son: deep inside you wanted to have me around, to spend more time with me. Other mamas who want to get rid of their sons probably subscribed their children already in January. But you did not. I am so happy you are my mom.’

Advice for free

Me to my 10-yr old son: How was tennis camp today?

He: I had a little problematic opponent this time. He was continuously complaining that I hit the ball too hard from both sides. 
So I told him:
‘Look, you don’t like my forehand, you don’t like my backhand…. but hey, there’s a solution here: ever thought of taking up some other racket-and-ball sports? You might love golf, for example..’

Of course

I am watching my 10-year-old son playing a tennis match. He’s just hit a winning ball, after which I am happily asking him:

Me: ‘Wow, this last ball was great! When you sent your opponent to the far RIGHT corner … how did it come to your mind to hit the ball then to the far LEFT??’

He: ‘There was nobody there.’


Of course.

Me and my silly questions.