No one-size-fits-all

Our son, Walter (10 ys) started playing table tennis end of September – this week the coach invited him to the inter club championships as competition player.

Today is his first match – I have come to see him play.

Walter – getting acquainted with his own team mates and the opponents – puts the question to the coach:

‘Sorry, what did you say again the age group in the category ‘Youth’ was?’

Coach: ‘People can play here until 21. So in this youth championships you still have 11 years to go – 1 year more that you have lived altogether so far – success!’

Ps: Walter on the photo from the back, in white – no club t-shirt exists in his size.


My little son’s table tennis coach (watching us hitting some balls as warming up) commenting on my forehand topspin:

‘I see you also did use to play competition table tennis – even if a long time ago.’
Me: ‘A long time ago? Impossible. I wasn’t still born then.’

Then it’s okay

Our son, Walter (10 years old), started with table tennis only 3 months ago but he seems rather gifted, so he already trains with the grownup males for 2 months (needless to say he is the smallest/youngest).

One day one of his club mates, a gentleman in his 40s, asks me to come and have some hits before the training starts.

He doesn’t know me, and after some topspin, backspin and contra he raises his eyebrow wondering.

Another club mate explaining:

‘She is Walter’s mama.’

He: ‘Ah ok. Then, of course, it’s easy..’


We were waiting for this ping pong table so excitedly. We ordered it in Decathlon to the children, and the delivery is promised for today!
It arrives nice & smooth, we immediately open it and it is…. what is it? 
Instead of a standard size table we have received a baby size. 
A major disappointment especially considering the modest fact that our son (10) is planning to base his future table-tennis star career upon this particular table.
Our son + daughter + me (in major disappointment): ‘Oooh noooo, we didn’t mean this, we meant a real one..!!!’
My husband: ‘There are also benefits of this size, though.’
We in a chorus: ‘Like WHAT??’
He: ‘Easier to return to Decathlon.’