In the work canteen on Friday, having lunch with an HR manager.

He: ‘Piros, when you proposed this lunch today, I immediately studied your HR file, so to arrive at our meeting fully prepared. But I need to admit I could not see any trigger event in the documents, so I am more than excited to hear why we are having lunch now!!’

Me: ‘I was hungry.’

He: ‘I see..’

You just can’t have it all

…the feeling when you visit with the family the hyper automated cinema full of innovative ideas (e.g. self-purchase counters..) and you pay EUR 50 for the 4 of you.. and then you need queue up for the toilets where they ask you to pay an extra EUR 0.40 – in cash..

Customer experience.

Still a long way to go.

Excuse me

We are buying some sweaters to our daughter in NL.
The method recommended by her is the following: I take a photo of her in each piece and then on the basis of the pics she takes the decision.
I pop the question: what if she just takes a look directly in the mirror?
From her look I conclude it was the Ultimate Evidence of Misunderstandings cross Generations. 
I say a quiet ‘sorry’ and back out of the changing room with my eyes downcast.

Of course

I am watching my 10-year-old son playing a tennis match. He’s just hit a winning ball, after which I am happily asking him:

Me: ‘Wow, this last ball was great! When you sent your opponent to the far RIGHT corner … how did it come to your mind to hit the ball then to the far LEFT??’

He: ‘There was nobody there.’


Of course.

Me and my silly questions.