I am on the railway station going to work. We had some snow some parts in Belgium, and have had rain since then, so the sidewalks are often dangerously slippery by the ice.
So I thought I really chose a challenging outfit for today – a black dress with matching high heels – until the moment I see the lady, who is also going to the station 
– in high heels, AND
– balancing a huuuuuge musical instrument (I guess it is a chello) on her back, AND
– in one hand hanging her handbag, AND
– in her other hand holding an open cup of coffee, AND
– apparently she did not leave home in time as she has been r.u.n.n.i.n.g.
Chaplin not dead.

The Mysterious World of Belgian Cafe Owners

Hi, this is your personalised, real-time, hi-tech Antwerp weather app calling.


Looking at the water-level outside, I’ve decided to cling to my thick, Belgian hot chocolate, no matter what.

Funny, they add a separate chocolate block next to it – most probably to prevent that the nutritional value would drop below the critical 4000 kcal/cup.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the owner of the place has substantial investments in gyms, too..