It’s all perspective

Me (to my 13-yr-old daughter): ‘Can you remind me, please, what the Dutch verb ‘verwennen’ means? I forgot..’

She: ‘It means e.g. when parents pamper their children, do everything for them..’

Me: ‘Ah, now I start to understand. But ‘pamper/do everything for them’ – you mean in the positive or negative sense?’

She: ‘From whose perspective?’

Black Friday

Quiz: how to be unbelievably and limitless naughty?

Background: my son, Walter (10) attended a Santa Claus party today. He reports to have been rather bored as Santa made a far too long speech, meanwhile Underaged Walter understandably got a little hungry, so he carefully took some sweets from the pocket of Black Pete.


I envision a bright future for him in the business world.