Mission completed

This picture is something my daughter (14 ys) has just posted on social media.

I’ve always been adamant to teach my children the importance of being rational and authentic in whatever they do.

Well, if there is 1 person on planet Earth who has years of experience in how to exist as a unicorn among all those humanoids – it is definitely MY daughter… so hereby I consider this piece of parental lesson nicely learnt here.


Me: ‘Hallo, good afternoon. I received this phone number from my dentist as I need to contact a specialist who makes braces on the teeth of my daughter..’
She (smiling voice): ‘Good afternoon, you are at the right place.’
Me: ‘Superb. So can we fix an appointment?’
She: ‘Of course. We have currently a waiting list, but I can give you an appointment for 8 February.’
Me: ‘You mean 8 March. 8 February already passed.’
She: ‘As I said we have a waiting list. 8 February- in 2021.’
Me (giving a hearty laugh): ‘Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!’
She: ..
Me: ‘You mean you are serious.’
She: ‘Yes, I am. Would you like to fix an appointment? Which timeslot suits you the most on 8 February?’
Me: ‘In 2021? Let me see….Seems we are lucky: regarding 8 February 2021 I am still rather flexible.’
She: ‘Our next possibility on 8 February is 8.30. Is it OK for you?’
Me: ‘Whatever.’
She: ‘OK then, see you on 8 February at 8.30. Can you give me your phone number for any cases?’
Me: ‘Like for example…? Sudden cases? Unforeseen events?’
She: ‘Your phone number, please.’
Me: ‘Sure. My number is: xxxxxxxxxx – though it may change in the meanwhile..’
She: ‘Thank you. See you then.’
Me: ‘Bye.’