In a (Gazelle) bike shop in Antwerp, Belgium.

My husband (to the shop assistant): ‘I would like a bike for myself – what do you recommend?’

Shop assistant: ‘Now, that I look at you, the Heavy Duty model for sure.’
My husband: ‘Heavy Duty – very authentic. Describes my whole existence. Let’s find a bike to my wife, too. Do you have also models like ‘Easy Life’?’


I remember 5 ys ago in Bergen-op-Zoom (the Netherlands) for the invitation of a friend to a local festival.

He proposed to meet on the Main Square, saying we would easily spot him of his funny hat he was wearing.

Reaching Main Square we were confronted with the below sight.

Oh yes, little nuance: the ‘festival’ was in fact the city carnival.

Haha, great sense of humor, thank you, Richard! (Thinking of you…)

Sex – for the good cause

Antwerp Government Office (‘stadsloket’), health prevention campaign encourages inhabitants to choose the stairs instead of the elevator:

‘Those who take the stairs have better sexual life.’

Good news: there are still some governments which think that public funds should be spent on messages serving the public interest.


Our son (10) coming home from his chess lesson:
Me: …And, how did it go today?
He: The coach asked me to play against a boy, who at a certain moment told me ‘I have lost, I give it up!’ Then within 2 seconds he added ‘Haha, it was just a joke, I am not giving it up!’
Me: How did you react?
He: I told him I really don’t understand when somebody with such great sense of humour wastes his talent for chess and does not pursue a career in stand-up comedy, instead..