The Office

I always find it very creative when somebody considers the open-plan work environment the best place to apply her spray-on deodorant.

3 puffs under the left armpit, 3 puffs under the right one.. and then she urgently leaves for a meeting.

Still remember when your papa used to apply anti-insect spray in the tent on a family vacation?

Same feeling.

International Women’s Day

Today on business trip in Hungary.

The Committee meeting is to begin, approx. 90% of the attendees are male around the table, a big minority being Belgian.

The other female member, apart from me, calls attention on the fact that it is International Women’s Day today. The Chairman apparently hadn’t been aware of this famous calendar event, so he asks back in an ironic tone:

Chairman: ‘Ah, so today is International Women’s Day. And when do we celebrate International Men’s Day?’

Me (not even looking up from my papers): ‘On the rest 364 days of the year, Mr Chairman.’