We’ve decided to stay in a Belgian wellness hotel for some days.

We are in the process of checking in.

Receptionist (a middle aged gentleman, casting a nervous look at me):

‘Are you Piros Matusek?’

Me: ‘Yes, I am.’

Receptionist: ‘Here it stands for me that this is a ‘Mister Matusek’. And you are not a man.’

Me: ‘Sir, you are undoubtedly a sharp observer.’

Receptionist: ‘I need to adjust it in the system before checking you in..’

Me: ‘May I have a suggestion: should a male guest under the name Matusek also arrive at this Belgian hotel tonight, I will immediate let him take my room. Until then, just temporarily, could you check me in? Is that an acceptable solution for you?’

Receptionist: ‘Perfectly.’

Me: ‘Thank you for your flexibility.’