Safety as priority

In Belgium during these Covid times we have special measures introduced, just like most other countries.

One of the new rules is that when visiting a cafe, restaurant etc, we need to leave our name and phone number – in case later there is an illness reported, it helps traceability, so we, clients, can be properly warned/informed.

I visited an ice cream salon during the weekend. Not to stay & eat it there of course, just pick up and leave quick.

So I am approaching the salon carefully in a mouth mask… ordering the ice cream in 10 seconds.. pay contactless.. then I move to the last step to give my contact details.

This particular ice cream salon chose to collect data in an open list.

Now you might wonder – once I work in the data protection business – if I made a remark on the fact that I can see all clients’ personal data before me so it’s not completely following requirements of GDPR… but it was the least of my concern this time.

How come?

In the spirit of client health & safety, all customers indeed need to register their personal data — using the same pen.