Me (to family): ‘I’ve made some tea, would anyone fancy some?’

My husband: ‘Hmm, after all those years eventually you might prove to be useful..’

Me (moderately loving look): ‘Beg you pardon?’

He: ‘…As opposed to all these years when you’ve served as a Beautiful Decorative Element in our family, I mean..’

Compliment Of The Day

My daughter (14 ys) preparing for her exam tomorrow:

‘Mama, I still need to study hard for tomorrow. Could you come here to the sofa and be with me? It’s so motivating.’

Me (deeply touched): ‘Really? Sure I come! Shall I also study with you?’

She: ‘No, it’s enough if you are just close. Whenever I look at you I get scared that I am still not ready..’


My daughter has recently had birthday (14).
Her brother (10) greets her with a birthday letter this morning:
‘Dear Noemi,
You are my favourite sister. You are kind, can sing beautifully, so don’t believe what everybody says that you are a slow snail.
Love, Walter’
He does know how to make compliments.


The teachers of our children really do their best to wrap even worse news into a more positive context in each school report.
Excerpt from my daughter’s last school report in primarily school:
‘Noëmi, Theatre and Drama lesson is really your strength!
..All you need to do is pay attention when it finishes and when the maths lesson starts..’


A few days ago, after finding solution to a problem, I received the below feedback from a nice colleague working abroad:

‘…Piros, you are a SAINT – someone we can always turn to at the HQ!’

I am still trying to figure out how exactly being a saint can be matched up with my KPIs for 2019.