I am playing chess with our son, Walter (11) who’s been member of the local chess club for a couple of years now.
His papa is walking by. He stops, looking interested.
Husband: ‘What is happening here precisely?’
Walter: ‘Playing chess with mama. She is a superb player, we’ve been fighting for half an hour at least!’
Husband: ‘Walter, your mama cannot play chess.’
Walter: ‘Of curse she can! What smart steps! And her strategy is amazing!’
Husband (in resignation): ‘It’s not only the name of the pieces she is not aware of but also how much one can move in which direction.’
Me (crushed, with eyes downcast): ‘Walter, what papa says is perfectly true.’
Walter: ‘But how come then that you play so terrifically good??’
Me: ‘I’ve just copied your movements. Each and every one of them.’
Walter: ‘So the past 30 minutes I’ve been amazed by my own chess knowledge?’
Me: ‘Sort of.’ 

Chess hard

My son (10) enrolled himself to the local chess club.

Me currently at the cafe.

The average age seems 70+ (counting my son, too).

But then – look, there are even disco lights installed!! These chess players must be real party animals.

Work hard – chess hard, as the saying goes.


Today I am biking with my son, Walter (10), to his chess class.

He is just explaining me how he beat papa in chess yesterday in only 1 step.

Walter (10): ‘..and so I chose this unlogical step and managed to surprise & beat papa in only 1 step!’

Me: ‘Illogical.’

Walter: ‘Excuse me?’

Me: ‘In English we say ‘illogical’ when something is not logical, instead of ‘unlogical’.’

Walter: ‘What? English people even created a completely not logical word to express how not logical something is?’


No comment ..I stay silent about all the rest, he has time to discover by himself..


Our son (10) coming home from his chess lesson:
Me: …And, how did it go today?
He: The coach asked me to play against a boy, who at a certain moment told me ‘I have lost, I give it up!’ Then within 2 seconds he added ‘Haha, it was just a joke, I am not giving it up!’
Me: How did you react?
He: I told him I really don’t understand when somebody with such great sense of humour wastes his talent for chess and does not pursue a career in stand-up comedy, instead..

This is also Belgium

I just love multiculturalism.

On Sunday I had a discussion with a papa, whose daughter goes for chess in the same club with my son. The man is originating from India, and we often see each other in the cafeteria.

He: ‘Are you Flemish? I can’t tell – you look like one, but you speak English here..’

Me: ‘I am Hungarian. ..Were you already born in Belgium?’

He: ‘No, still back in India. So, Hungary…well, sorry, all I know of the country is that it has its own unique language, and used to belong to the communist block…’

Me: ‘No worries. In exchange, all we know about India is that it is 1 country…a nice big country, though..’

He: ‘That’s right. The size of Europe. I, for example, have never been in our capital.. I see you are also a fan of clichés.. ‘

Me: ‘Absolutely. Anyway, what do you work in Belgium?’

He: ‘I am a space engineer, working for the European Space Agency.’

Me: ‘Oh, you must then be frequently visiting the Mars.’

He: ‘Not so often any more, I don’t have much free time, so only at the weekends. Where do you work?’

Me: ‘At a bankinsurer.’

He: ‘Then you must be terribly rich!’

Me: ‘ Oh, don’t even mention. We’ve just recently changed at home our gas heating for burning paper – in order to get rid of the piles of banknotes.’

He: ‘Okay, I see chess has finished, the children are returning. Continue next Sunday?’

Me: ‘Fine, see you next Sunday.’