I remember 5 ys ago in Bergen-op-Zoom (the Netherlands) for the invitation of a friend to a local festival.

He proposed to meet on the Main Square, saying we would easily spot him of his funny hat he was wearing.

Reaching Main Square we were confronted with the below sight.

Oh yes, little nuance: the ‘festival’ was in fact the city carnival.

Haha, great sense of humor, thank you, Richard! (Thinking of you…)


My daughter has informed me of her ambitious plan to dress up a ‘fairy’ for this year’s carnival at school.

I have reminded her that since she behaves a fairy the rest 364 days of the year, anyway, wouldn’t she consider it an interesting alternative to dress up as a thoughtful-always-does-her-homework-loses-nothing-at-school girl this time.

The disguise is simply perfect, nobody would ever recognize her.

The proposal has achieved moderate success.