This morning:

Our daughter (15): ‘Papa, do we have anything delicious for breakfast?’

Papa: ‘Don’t know. Let’s go down the kitchen to prepare something, call your brother, too.’

She (to her bro): ‘Walter, watch out, escape, run for your life, I got caught, but you might still have a better life waiting for you somewhere else….!’

She’s turned 15 today.

Only 15 and she is already constantly busy with the welfare of mankind!

My girl.

Vin Diesel

Me: ‘Let’s go into the city centre to buy some present to 2 of Walter’s classmates, 2 girls, for their birthday party tomorrow.’

My husband (with a worried look): ‘Ohno, no way, not to the centre! Lots of people, difficult to move, I hate it! Let’s buy something outside the city centre e.g. on our way now, there is a shop over there!!’

Me: ‘Darling, that’s a fuel station.’

He: ‘I know! How great! We can buy them fuel vouchers!’

Me: ‘They are 10 years old.’

He: ‘Yes, but you cannot imagine how fast they are growing!! They have birthdays even now, they will soon drive a car!’


We are celebrating the birthday of our daughter today. 
Me to my husband: ‘Have you managed to buy a birthday cake so that she can take it to the school for the children?’
My husband: ‘Yes, 3 cakes.’
Me (truly shocked): ‘What? Threeeeee??? Omg, you two shouldn’t be left alone in a shop..’
My husband: ‘I bargained it down from 4.’
Me (truly admiring): ‘What? You managed to bargain down on sweets with our daughter??
You are clearly amazing.
That’s my husband…’


My daughter has recently had birthday (14).
Her brother (10) greets her with a birthday letter this morning:
‘Dear Noemi,
You are my favourite sister. You are kind, can sing beautifully, so don’t believe what everybody says that you are a slow snail.
Love, Walter’
He does know how to make compliments.


Our daughter has birthday today. 
We are recalling memories from the past.
She (14): ‘Papa, mama, where did you meet each other for the first time?’
Me: ‘At a party at the university. I watched papa for a while, then asked him to dance.’
She: ‘What made you decide to ask him to dance?’
Me: ‘He was dancing in a very strange way, and was singing even stranger.’
She: ‘So why did you marry him??’
Me: ‘He stopped.’
Happy birthday, Sweetie. Be a successful grown-up in whatever you do – despite our on-going parental efforts.


I’ve just found back an email: my announcement from 3 years ago made to the parents of our son’s class:

‘Parents of children from 2nd grade – attention attention!

Walter (7ys) invited yesterday already some of his friends for his birthday party in December.

The invitations were perfectly made, only the date, time and location is missing from some of them.

Plus he couldn’t exactly tell who he has already invited.

If you happen to see a mysterious invitation card where – with a bit of luck – the name is indicated, please let me know, and you will receive some additional irrelevant details. Have a nice day all!

Parents solve everything

Our son, Walter’s (10) birthday party takes place this afternoon in a playhouse. A lot of toys, pancake and other inevitable ingredients foreseen.

Walter (last night before going to bed, slightly worried):

‘Papa, what would happen if I became ill by tomorrow? All has been organised and been paid..’

My husband: ‘We would solve it Walter, do not worry.’

Walter: ‘Hurraaay!! You are the best papa!’

My husband: ‘..As I said we would solve it. We would look for another boy aged 10, named Walter, and go for the party..’