Sex – for the good cause

Antwerp Government Office (‘stadsloket’), health prevention campaign encourages inhabitants to choose the stairs instead of the elevator:

‘Those who take the stairs have better sexual life.’

Good news: there are still some governments which think that public funds should be spent on messages serving the public interest.


We were waiting for this ping pong table so excitedly. We ordered it in Decathlon to the children, and the delivery is promised for today!
It arrives nice & smooth, we immediately open it and it is…. what is it? 
Instead of a standard size table we have received a baby size. 
A major disappointment especially considering the modest fact that our son (10) is planning to base his future table-tennis star career upon this particular table.
Our son + daughter + me (in major disappointment): ‘Oooh noooo, we didn’t mean this, we meant a real one..!!!’
My husband: ‘There are also benefits of this size, though.’
We in a chorus: ‘Like WHAT??’
He: ‘Easier to return to Decathlon.’