Server overload

My son (10): ‘Papa, so we go to Amsterdam today, right? Only there or other cities, too? What will we see in the Rijksmuseum? May I play chess with mama in the car? How far is Amsterdam? What if I get hungry on the way? How many inhabitants does the Netherlands have?…’
My husband: …
Son: ‘Papa, papa, you are not answering, why are you silent??’
My husband: ‘Ah, were these questions? Sorry, I considered them as server overload attack.

I see..

My son (10): ‘Mama, into which bag shall I pack my plastic insect?’

Me: ‘Walter, why exactly are we bringing a plastic insect along on our trip to Amsterdam?’

Walter: ‘Because when I took home a real one, my dear sister started to scream very loudly.’

Me: ‘Fair enough. In that case here, into the pocket in front.’