In the work canteen on Friday, having lunch with an HR manager.

He: ‘Piros, when you proposed this lunch today, I immediately studied your HR file, so to arrive at our meeting fully prepared. But I need to admit I could not see any trigger event in the documents, so I am more than excited to hear why we are having lunch now!!’

Me: ‘I was hungry.’

He: ‘I see..’


Me (enthusiastically): ‘Look at that innovative solution on the beer crate – a handle in the middle! I cannot recall it from earlier, there were handles only on the 2 sides..’

My husband (mutually enthusiastic): ‘Indeed! Isn’t technological revolution wonderful! How easier life has become for single alcoholists!’


I already travelled with this gentleman one morning last week, too – I recognise the shoes and coat.

..And once it has turned this way, I have just woken him up before we got to Brussels-North railway station, where I know he needs to get off.

He was so happy & grateful. We wished each other a nice day, hoping to meet also next time.

And studies dare to say that commuting has a negative impact on your social network..