Some obvious conclusions only..

I am sitting in the garden. My husband joins me, but then he smells something strange..

My husband: ‘What is that strange smell?’

Me: ‘It must be coming from the back neighbour. I believe they are having a BBQ.

What makes me conclude this is the following:

A few moments ago they were singing together – apparently they are celebrating a family member’s birthday.

Now it’s all silent – they must be eating.

And because I can hear some cutlery noise, they must be eating in the garden, and since the weather today is exceptionally ideal (especially considering Belgium) it is somewhat obvious that they have had a BBQ, for which they must have used one of those barbecue fuel things, briquette or coal, which can have that funny smell..

Since we have a slight north-east breeze today, I conclude it’s not our direct back neighbour but the one on the right hand side.’

My husband: ‘Thank you for the thorough reasoning, covering all the vital aspects of my question.

.. By the way, if I may advise …you could take a short break reading your favourite books by Agatha Christie.’

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