Child disease

Yesterday my husband receives a call: the deputy principal of the school informs him that our daughter (14) regularly ignores her homework of one of the school subjects in Google classroom!
My husband suggests the Deputy Principal should clarify it directly with our daughter, so he gives the phone to her.
Deputy Principal: ‘Good morning Noëmi, I am the Deputy Principal from the school and I received the information from your Latin teacher that you totally ignore your homework given on Google classroom on this subject!’
Our daughter: ‘Yes, and I have a good reason to do so.’
Deputy Principal: ‘Ohhyeeees? And what is it if I may ask?’
Our daughter: ‘I do not learn Latin. I belong to the “natural sciences” part of the class. So it must be an administration mistake – could you please indicate it to the Latin teacher, asking her to remove my name from her list?’
Deputy Principal: ‘Oh….. I see…. of course I will align it  with her… sorry…. And, anyway, how are you these days?’
Our daughter: ‘Very fine. All homework I receive from all teachers I always get ready with already on the first day. The rest of the week I keep myself busy with studying other things or relaxing. And how are you yourself?’

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