Lifelong learning

Brussels railway station, returning home from work. Head pharmacy.

Me: ‘Good evening. I would like to buy roller bandage – the kind they apply on wounds.’

Pharmacist (studied at least 8 years on medical university): ‘Of course. What type of?’

Me: ‘Long type. It will be for my little son.’

Pharmacist (now that I think, he may have also a PhD degree): ‘And what is the exact problem of your son?’

Me: ‘…Well, you know… there is this carnaval in the school on Friday….and he plans to be a mummy….’

Pharmacist (he and his family must have gone into serious debts in order to finance his medical studies, so he can devote his whole life to helping People In Need):

‘…A mummy….Certainly. …..Will it be applied on clothes? In which case I would suggest the adhesive tape..’

Me (casting my eyes down, only whispering):

‘Two packages, please. You helped a lot. Thank you.’

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