Me: ‘Hallo, good afternoon. I received this phone number from my dentist as I need to contact a specialist who makes braces on the teeth of my daughter..’
She (smiling voice): ‘Good afternoon, you are at the right place.’
Me: ‘Superb. So can we fix an appointment?’
She: ‘Of course. We have currently a waiting list, but I can give you an appointment for 8 February.’
Me: ‘You mean 8 March. 8 February already passed.’
She: ‘As I said we have a waiting list. 8 February- in 2021.’
Me (giving a hearty laugh): ‘Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!’
She: ..
Me: ‘You mean you are serious.’
She: ‘Yes, I am. Would you like to fix an appointment? Which timeslot suits you the most on 8 February?’
Me: ‘In 2021? Let me see….Seems we are lucky: regarding 8 February 2021 I am still rather flexible.’
She: ‘Our next possibility on 8 February is 8.30. Is it OK for you?’
Me: ‘Whatever.’
She: ‘OK then, see you on 8 February at 8.30. Can you give me your phone number for any cases?’
Me: ‘Like for example…? Sudden cases? Unforeseen events?’
She: ‘Your phone number, please.’
Me: ‘Sure. My number is: xxxxxxxxxx – though it may change in the meanwhile..’
She: ‘Thank you. See you then.’
Me: ‘Bye.’

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