I adore challenges, I simply do.

At this moment I’ve been talking to an acquaintance for 20 minutes, waiting for boarding at Budapest airport. We have talked about different things so far, and I carefully analyse everything he tells me, including indefinite articles, in order to

– not show I have no idea who he is

– try to change the above, preferably asap.

We speak English which means he is not a previous Hungarian classmate or colleague.

At this point he mentions that after landing in Brussels he also takes the train to Antwerp just like me.

OK, so that narrows down the search in my mind: he must be a papa from the children’s school or a neighbour from our street maybe.

Then he adds: upon arriving home he just drops his luggage, and heads immediately to the same place where my husband.

Of course!! He is a colleague of my husband! We met at the family day of their company, now I know his name, too: Olivier, and he is a really nice guy.

It’s a pity at this point I’ve lost all interest in our conversation: to participate in a discussion where I know both who the parties are AND what the topic is about, well, anybody can do that, this doesn’t require any special skills..

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