My son (10) has just asked me if in a certain question in life my heart says one thing, while my mind says another one, which one I would listen to.

After short consideration I replied I would more likely listen to my mind.

I asked back, and he said it depends on the topic: if it is a love issue, he would listen to his heart. If it concerns a mathematical exercise, he would listen to his mind, as 2+2 will not become 128 only because he listened to his heart and 128 is his favourite number.


Of course

I am watching my 10-year-old son playing a tennis match. He’s just hit a winning ball, after which I am happily asking him:

Me: ‘Wow, this last ball was great! When you sent your opponent to the far RIGHT corner … how did it come to your mind to hit the ball then to the far LEFT??’

He: ‘There was nobody there.’


Of course.

Me and my silly questions.


I am on the railway station going to work. We had some snow some parts in Belgium, and have had rain since then, so the sidewalks are often dangerously slippery by the ice.
So I thought I really chose a challenging outfit for today – a black dress with matching high heels – until the moment I see the lady, who is also going to the station 
– in high heels, AND
– balancing a huuuuuge musical instrument (I guess it is a chello) on her back, AND
– in one hand hanging her handbag, AND
– in her other hand holding an open cup of coffee, AND
– apparently she did not leave home in time as she has been r.u.n.n.i.n.g.
Chaplin not dead.


Our son (10) coming home from his chess lesson:
Me: …And, how did it go today?
He: The coach asked me to play against a boy, who at a certain moment told me ‘I have lost, I give it up!’ Then within 2 seconds he added ‘Haha, it was just a joke, I am not giving it up!’
Me: How did you react?
He: I told him I really don’t understand when somebody with such great sense of humour wastes his talent for chess and does not pursue a career in stand-up comedy, instead..