We, real women

My daughter (13) is drawing. I am taking a look what it is.

She (explaining): ‘I know she is not perfect. And you know very well that I am able to draw perfect women, too – that’s what I did the past few years.. but real women are not like that. They are too small or too big at places in their body – but it is what it is. Ideals are fake. I want to grab the Real Woman.’

Me: ‘Nice idea – with the Chanel bag.. 🙂’

She: ‘Okay-okay, I am going step-by-step, all right? Just like this lady I have drawn, I am not perfect, either 🙂’

Work-life balance

Yesterday, Friday, I ended up working 16 hours.
From home.
If once, only once I will hear again from any managers at work that home office is relaxation-combined-with-doing-the-dishes, as a revenge, I swear I will go to the Brussels HQ every single day, and my employer will need to make do with my usual 11-hour workdays.
If necessary, I can get tough, too, OK?


Today I had a lot of work and did not have the time to go for a coffee.

So I decided to grab one from our cafeteria during late afternoon.

I know the cafeteria closes at 5PM, however the Coffee Lady closes the coffee machines a few minutes earlier in order to be able to leave at 5PM sharp.

Last week I experienced she closed already at 4.55PM, so today I decided to appear in the cafeteria earlier: at 4.48PM.

Me: ‘A coffee latte, please.’

She: ‘Sorry, I have already closed the coffee machines.’

Me: ‘When do you actually close??’

She: ‘At 5PM. But I close the coffee machines already 10 minutes before.’

Me: ‘It’s great news as it is exactly 4.48PM.

So, a coffee latte, please..’

She (giving a sad smile): ‘Unfortunately I cannot, because in order to be able to close the coffee machines at 4.50, it’s more careful if I stop selling coffee already a few minutes before..’

Me: ‘Did you still sell coffee at 3PM today?’

She: ‘Yes, of course!’

Me: ‘I am not sure it was sufficiently careful as it was only 1 hour 48 minutes before you need to stop selling coffee, in order to close the coffee machines 10 minutes before, in order to close the cafeteria at 5PM..’

Moral: There IS such a level of prudence when even Compliance says it is overdone..

Business cooperation

Currently, I am in Sofia on business trip.

The attached photo gives you the showcase for a very successful Cross Country Business Cooperation:

the positive impact that the Bulgarian road construction industry makes on the profit curve of the Belgian shoemakers (specialised in heel reparation).

Female readers will understand, I presume.


‘Mama, when I grow up, I want to be rich and famous. 
But I don’t mean like politicians, but by being useful at the same time.’
Walter, my 9-year-old son, watching a morning news program with me, featuring a certain Mr Trump.